From Heavy Purchases To Freebies; Good For Business

This is one of the best things I’ve done during my short business career. I’ve been working for myself officially for the last three years. While I was never a self-starter to begin with, I’m now officially self-employed. But in the beginning, leaving the ranks of the unemployed wasn’t so easy. But then I got this boost. After utilizing a new Instagram account for little more than a year, I cottoned on to how I could get free Instagram followers onto my account.

Things have not been so easy on the pocket for me, this was like a breath of fresh air. But even so, and this is the lesson for you guys as well, I had to be prepared to make a few more sacrifices along the way. The best things in life can still be free. But it is still something of a rarity in this twenty-first century day and age. A good for a business tip is that you’ve got to be prepared to spend a little in order to make gains down the line. And two years on, I’ve got to say that the numbers are starting to check out nicely for me.

What’s not to like about spending a few honest bucks every month? It has the accumulation effect. For every batch of new followers you buy for your Instagram platform, you get a few more added in for free. Or, after a certain amount of time, after you’ve grown your numbers exponentially, you get rewarded with another batch of followers, followers you did not have to pay a dime for. A real bargain, if you don’t mind me saying so.

And it’s the long-term effect that makes it all worthwhile. It’s the ultimate payoff. The number of new, real clients you gain that gets converted to hard currency into your bank account pays off numerous times over what you would have spent all those weeks and months ago on buying your followers. And all the other necessary capital expenses you needed to invest in along the way. It’s true what they say then.

The best things in life are really free. And both patients and persistence gets rewarded too. How is this, you may ask. Well, for one thing and perhaps I should have said so earlier, you don’t wait long to get any form of positive response to your newly acquired social media marketing blitz for which you didn’t need to spend much on in the first place. But that’s really only got to be the half glass full effect.

And that’s where the persistence comes in. You’ve still got your work cut out for you. You are still required to continue pumping out your own composed Instagram messages on a regular basis. Because it’s Instagram, it’s a combination of visuals and text. Visuals can be a combo of photos and videos. And texts only need to be short and sweet but always in context with the visuals.